Recensies - De geheimen van Barslet Anjet Daanje
Here there are backslides, multiple dovetails and then each episode (for the most part) pushes things forward. So that the number is similar, as well as the character-based approach to the narrative. In terms of the aesthetics of the frame and the edit there are obvious differences.
Oddly enough, Tarr’s long-take ballet of the camera, even with a necessary intermission, at its seven-plus hour length is a cumulative, more cinema-friendly experience. When I first viewed it I had it on VHS and watched it on four consecutive nights. When I acquired it on DVD I watched in one day and the experience, though harder to schedule was more complete and moving. The secrets of Barslet not just with its mysteries but with its addictive nature is perfectly realized as a television show. You finish a chapter and you immediately want to proceed and are forced to wait until you can see the next one.
Another similarity it has with Satantango is that there are some small mysteries this show feels no need to explain furthermore, its not interested in the
banal histrionics of having everyone understand everything in the end. True to its format of limited omniscience it allows the viewer to see the whole truth while the characters remain fairly myopic. The secrets of Barslet is the epitome of a modern cinematic television series, not just because of its aesthetic, or the way it cuts but because of its narrative sophistication.

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