Recensies - Raak Anjet Daanje
15 februari 2007, door Lykathea
A short masterpiece
Raak is a story about hope, love, hatred and despair. You feel actually feel all these emotions as well, in this 9 minutes long short masterpiece. And because of the length, this review might seem a bit vague, since I will not tell you one single word about the story itself.
I will just describe the main character, and try to prepare you for your 9 minutes long amazing trip. In the only 4-5 or so minutes you get to know “Rik”, you'll probably feel sorry for the kid the first few seconds, followed by constant anger, a sort of hatred for the kid. What a little brat.
But in the scene with the dinner table, lasting only about 30 seconds, you immediately feel sympathy for him. The line he delivers, only 5 words long, will have such an impact on you. You feel his pain, you can guess his past, his hatred, his despair, you get it, you understand it now.
And that's only “Rik”, we also get to know two other people, one very close to “Rik”, the other
because of only one incident. You'll have to judge these two characters in less than 3 minutes. His hope, her despair, good or bad, you decide.
The conclusion will leave you haunted.
This short masterpiece is strongly recommended.

12 mei 2007, door Rajdoctor
This short movie was shown as a bonus – free viewing along with the screening of the movie Interview. May be the distributor of the movie must be the same in Netherlands. The genre of short movie making is the most difficult medium. One has to be very creative as well as effective in engaging the audience and convey a catchy story-line. This is a ten minute short film.
The story is about relationships, between five characters [...] I won't tell you the story over here, otherwise it would spoil your “just” 10 minutes of feeling the movie. [...]
Hanro Smitsman – the Dutch Director has done
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