Recensies - Raak Anjet Daanje
Juryrapport van het Berlin International Film Festival, 13 februari 2007

Short film awards

The members of the international short film jury
Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima (Nigeria)
Riina Sildos (Estonia)
Ning Ying (China)
award the following prizes:
The Golden Bear to
by director Hanro Smitsman (The Netherlands)
“for being a brilliant film on its approach to the subjects of love, anger and desperation. But you mustn’t forget to mention the humour of the film. We honour the ability of the director to show in a compact manner three angles of the same story.”
User comments op Internet Movie Database

14 februari 2007, door Matthies Verstegen
Altogether, it is definitely worth to watch
[...] You will discover that there is more to the characters as you might expect on first sight. Their actions become understandable as the anachronic plot continues. In the end it is sheer coincidence that creates the horrible ending.
What I liked about Raak is that it turned my initial antipathy for the characters into a certain sympathy. [...] The acting is very good, especially the acting of Nino van der Lee, who plays Rik, the young kid. The film is accompanied by music that seems to be a Dutch version of the music of Amélie. Just like in that movie, the music really adds to the atmosphere. Altogether, it is definitely worth to watch. It didn't win the Golden Bear on the Berlin Film Festival for nothing.
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